February College Checklist for Juniors

The New York Times blog The Choice, published this great advice today: You've made it to the critical midwinter transition in your college search, a time when academic and personal maturity has set you up to dig into research and self-assessment in earnest. Here's...

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High School Classes Colleges Look For

At most schools, course selection for next year is around the corner--leaving many families wondering what the best choices are for college-bound students. How many years of a lab science or language are really necessary? What is the right balance of honors and AP...

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Senior Year Stress is Common – BUT – Avoidable!

With school work, sports, and other extracurriculars—not to mention looming college application deadlines, it's easy to see how high school students are feeling stressed. In fact, roughly 30 percent of newly minted college freshmen say they frequently felt overwhelmed...

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10 Questions to Ask Admissions Representatives

Most Important: Don’t ask a question that is easily found on a college’s website! Research colleges prior to attending a fair/meeting. Academics 1. Do you have internship programs? 2. Are students assigned an advisor to help with scheduling and...

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5 College Myths to Ignore

There’s no shortage of half-truths and outright lies about college out there. Here are five of the most insidious college myths in circulation, so you can stop freaking out about the falsehoods. Instead, feel free to simply nod and smile when you hear them, knowing...

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Junior Crunch Time

For many juniors, the end of winter break ushers in an important time in their high school careers, as they begin to seriously look at their college options.  With more than 3,500 colleges nationwide, there are many factors for students and parents to take into...

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Test Preparation

Test Prep  Test Prep is definitely one of the most frequently voiced concerns among parents of college-bound high school students. When to begin? What company to use? What tests should be prepped? Are tutors worth the investment?  Although research suggests that most...

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Deferred? Now What?

What to Do if College Admission is Deferred By Lee Bierer When students apply to college via Early Decision-ED (binding) or Early Action-EA (non-binding) programs there are earlier deadlines and earlier notification, usually by mid-December. Most students expect one...

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Juniors – 6 Things to Do Now

Juniors, here is your college admissions checklist for December: (reprinted from The New York Times Blog, The Choice) Be Committed to the Process The college application process, from research through to submission, takes about 40 hours of work by the student. You do...

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10 college essay topics to aviod

Writing the college essay can often be the most agonizing part of the college admission process. This all-important essay is supposed to convince admission officers, whom teenagers have probably never met, that the writer represents the right match for a school....

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“How can I ever thank you for all the support and great advice during the college search for my daughter? You were clear, informative, open, and CALM during a very trying and scary time. With your help, she was accepted by six colleges, including her top choice!  I would highly recommend you to any family during this difficult and confusing process.”

– Parent, daughter attending Maryland Institute College of Art

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