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The San Clemente Voice recently interviewed Melinda about how to manage the college search and application process with less stress and more confidence! LISTEN by clicking the link below:

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5 Reasons NOT To Attend Your Reach College

In a society obsessed with brand names, we have fallen prey to the idea that students should attend the most competitive college they can get into. Sometimes it’s the kids who are mesmerized by big name schools, other times it’s the parents. Students spend hours in...

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Will Your Son or Daughter Get an Athletic Scholarship?

Many kids dream of playing professional sports. One of the steps to get there is to play, most likely, Division I in college. But how likely is that to occur? According to the Federal Department of Education, “In 2010, a student who played high-school sports had a 6%...

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5 Essential Rules for Writing Your College Essay

Few things intimidate high school seniors more than writing their college essays. Perhaps it's the thought of "summarizing" yourself in 650 words (an impossible task) or the vision of a grumpy, elbow-patched, pipe-smoking admissions officer reading it and wielding a...

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What It Takes to Make New College Graduates Employable

Alina Tugend wrote this article as she began to think about her son who had just graduated from high school. It provides a lot of interesting information about predicting “employability” for the students we send off to college and hope to see succeed in the “real...

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Why Parents Pay So Much for College

This commentary by Keith Humphreys is MUST READ for parents AND the children who love them! A friend of mine was feeling very ready to retire in his 60s after a long, demanding career. I was thus surprised when he told me over lunch that he was in some distress about...

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SAT versus ACT

What are the key differences between these two high stakes exams? High school students applying for college must submit ACT or SAT scores as a part of their applications. A great score on either of these standardized tests can mean significant scholarship money and...

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Twelve Rules for New Graduates

What advice would you give new college graduates about launching themselves into the workforce? Hundreds offered responses with a wealth of advice and insight about what it takes to make a successful transition from college into the workforce. What follows is based on...

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“How can I ever thank you for all the support and great advice during the college search for my daughter? You were clear, informative, open, and CALM during a very trying and scary time. With your help, she was accepted by six colleges, including her top choice!  I would highly recommend you to any family during this difficult and confusing process.”

– Parent, daughter attending Maryland Institute College of Art

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Melinda B. Kopp, MBA, CEP
Independent Educational Consultant
Certified Educational Planner
Advising students & families nationwide
Based in Orange County, CA

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