The College Process Can Be Complicated and Confusing …

Let College Safari Be Your Guide


Mission Accomplished

College Safari’s mission is to help your student become empowered to manage the college application process and to set goals. Students will understand every requirement to reach their unique objectives. Melinda’s coaching is specifically designed for high school students to take ownership of the college process and develop strategies for lifetime success.


Students will learn more about themselves through self-discovery assessments, exploring their personality type, interests, aptitudes, possible majors, career options, and thinking about the qualities that they should consider in a best fit college selection. They are then ready to consider new and addditional options to build their college lists.

Organization & Planning

With organizational mentoring, we set timelines to achieve each step and develop a personalized, well-balanced college list. Our shared goal is a college match that fits your student both academically and socially. Students can stay on track for all deadlines by using a platform that outlines and lists every element and the corresponding due date.

Hiring an IEC

Hiring an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC) means you will receive consistent and ongoing personal attention and an individualized college list that meets your specific goals. Look for a certified educational planner, who is an active member of key professional organizations, and visits colleges regularly. To us, success means finding the best individual fit.

We Work Together

No matter where you live, College Safari provides individual guidance for every aspect of the college search and application process. This can be accomplished through her 24/7 platform and organizer tool, Zoom Conferences, phone calls, emails, or text messaging. We are always available to communicate with you or your student as any need arises.


Applications & Essays

Words are powerful. Make yours count. Writing personal essays and supplements that are unique to you and describe your fit with a particular college is the most time intensive aspect of the college application process. This is the place where students can show colleges who they really are. No need to stress – let’s brainstorm together to find the stories that only you can tell.

“Melinda exceeded our exceptions in every way from the detailed review of the actual application to the countless hours she spent 1:1 with our son reviewing his essays. Melinda ensured that our son’s interest and voice were well represented.  Our son was admitted to all of his “dream schools”, which are top 20 in the US. The hardest part was to select one school! We highly recommend Melinda and can’t thank her enough for all of her dedication and commitment to excellence.”

– Parent, son will attend Notre Dame University, College of Engineering

College Safari

Melinda B. Kopp, MBA, CEP
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